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Illusion Book Trailer Out Now!

Check out the Illusion book trailer on the FantasyChest to get a sneak peak into the world of the Royal Dyad!

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Finding themselves in disgrace after the events surrounding their adventure into Noir, Princesses Mia and Ayla don't believe things could get any worse. Despised by their people, at odds with their own family, carrying the overwhelming, burning guilt of all that has happened, all they have are each other. And yet, there comes the promise of a new year, and with it, a chance to start over and build themselves back up. However, despite their attempts to lead a life avoiding trouble, explosively violent events relentlessly sabotage them at every turn, and they discover one of the Empire's greatest buried secrets that connects directly to one of Lord Moranzo's greatest assets, and maybe, possibly, the way to stop him and finally defeat him. Once more, the twins must fight against all odds and all obstacles to become the heroines that the Empire needs.

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Check out the books page to see the whole Rising Blood cover reveal!

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Live at last, Royal Dyad: Rising Blood! The second of the Royal Dyad series, we continue to track with our heroines, the Zalldrister...


Out now, Illusion, Book One of the Royal Dyad Series!!!!! Order now to read the beginnings of a thrilling and fascinating story of two...


A great prophecy which foretold it, and it was that prophecy that forced them into hiding for their lives. Fifteen-year-old twin sisters...


Announcing the newly designed edition of Chosen Ones, featuring the four elements used in the book!!!!! Go to Barnes and Noble now and...


WELCOME TO FANTASY CHEST, my site where fantasy comes to life! Here, I will share about my books, engage in discussions with all of you...

Chosen Ones, the First of Many

Chosen Ones. The first book I ever wrote, a work of fantasy, full of magic, heart-stopping love, gut-wrenching betrayal, breath-taking...

The Journey to Becoming

Being an author is no heavenly picnic. I know for me it has been a very rock, bumpy journey, not always, but it has definitely not always...

My Inspiration for the Dream

All my life, I've always looked up to other professional authors as heroes. Not only were they a prime example to me of what good...

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Where the worlds of fantasy come to life

We are all told, “pursue your dreams”; I am here to do just that. FantasyChest serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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