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Four were chosen to be the future saviors of the world from the evil that threatened it. But the road to Destiny never comes without hardship. Or sacrifice. Full of danger, adventure, magic, betrayal, romance, and so much more, Chosen Ones tells the captivating, fantastical story of the four who were, and the one who was not, chosen to save Earth from the greatest evil ever to threaten it.

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Royal Dyad

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Bk 1

Two twin girls believed dead for over a decade will rise again, destined by a centuries-old prophecy to be the strongest Enchantresses in history and the ones to finally defeat their Empire's greatest and most powerful enemy, Lord Moranzo. He wants them dead and is willing to do anything to stop the prophecy and kill them before they reach him. He failed once. He is determined not to fail again. But the twins are equally determined to stop him before he can wreak havoc on their world. Will they succeed? Or will Moranzo find a way to stop the prophecy and ultimately defeat them?

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Bk 2

Finding themselves in disgrace after the events surrounding their adventure into Noir, Princesses Mia and Ayla don't believe things could get any worse. Despised by their people, at odds with their own family, carrying the overwhelming, burning guilt of all that has happened, all they have are each other. And yet, there comes the promise of a new year, and with it, a chance to start over and build themselves back up. However, despite their attempts to lead a life avoiding trouble, explosively violent events relentlessly sabotage them at every turn, and they discover one of the Empire's greatest buried secrets that connects directly to one of Lord Moranzo's greatest assets, and maybe, possibly, the way to stop him and finally defeat him. Once more, the twins must fight against all odds and all obstacles to become the heroines that the Empire needs.

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