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Alexia Jenna Miller

“Why did you do it?”
“For love.”

The heroine of Chosen Ones, Alexia Miller experiences a life in her early teenage years that you and I could never even begin to fathom. Though she begins in a dark place, seemingly drowning in hopelessness and a perpetual downward spiral, she arises in astounding new strength from the ashes, reborn, like a phoenix. Her best friend, Jade Lisa Bobbins, would most likely describe her as loyal, resilient, ridiculously curious, and with a tendency to fall in love with the villain. Occasionally, you can get a glimpse of her temper that would match her flaming red hair, especially when it comes to people she loves fiercely.

Also she is WICKED with a sword! Probably what makes her such a great Fire Guardian

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Jade Lisa Bobbins

“I thank you for the gifts and blessings you have given me today. I promise I will use them to protect Earth from this vile threat that is growing against them.”

Sweet yet fierce, Jade Lisa Bobbins, best friend to Alexia, is a tough nut to crack. Maybe that's why she was chosen to be the Ice Guardian--delicate yet hardened. If anyone knows what the phrase "tough luck" means, its Jade. Kidnapped at a young age, locked up for over two years, sold as a slave, banged up by a violent Cook...Jade's sure been through alot. She never let it distress her though, and never let it crush her. She always keeps her head and finds the practical solution, even if its dangerous (like that whole escapade with the Guardian of the Sea). Together, she and Alexia keep each other going--dynamic duo!

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David Mark Bobbins

Then he knew. He did not just control the water from the outside, through rivers, seas, and lakes. The water was deep within him, moving in his veins, bubbling in his core.

A natural born leader and fighter, David is the oldest of the Chosen Four, the leader, and, like his sister, practical and straight forward. When it comes to defending his team, he's all in, even down to fighting an ancient battle with sea demons. David never backs down from a challenge--he always brings a stormy challenge. Water, his element, was well chosen--he goes with the flow, but changes the flow when it needs adjusting, and is never afraid to fight a current trying to sweep him off his feet. His sister is his greatest treasure in life, and he does anything for her, and he never leaves her. The very picture of a perfect older brother.

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Atlas Jameson Winstor

"I vowed vengeance on their killers, promising that I would do more to them than they had done to me."

By far the handsomest of the four (no offense David), Atlas Jameson Winstor is full of ambition, courage, brash handsomeness, charm, a hardy survival mindset, but carries a great desire for vengeance. With his mother and sisters murdered by Black Heart mercenaries when he was very young, Atlas has known almost nothing but living on his own and doing what he has to to live. When chosen as the Sky Guardian, his intent is to eradicate the race of Black Heart Elves for all they did to him. This thirst for justice, fed on his anger, soon betrays him at the most critical moment. Ironically, instead of avenging himself on the Black Heart, he turns to their side. Atlas most certainly is also very loyal up front; he even falls in love with Alexia, looking out for her and cherishing her more tenderly than anyone can imagine. Yet, his anger bites him back in the end. A sad end to a handsome young man.

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