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Princess Mia Rae Zalldrister

"This is what I had been born for—I had been born a powerful Enchantress to fight and defend the Empire."

Definitely not your average high school queen bee, that's for sure, though no one will hesitate to affirm that she is the queen bee whenever she's around. One look from those blue eyes and you know whos in charge. She demands respect and order whenever she goes, and she will not stand for disrespect. Born with a natural confidence, poise, and pride, Princess Mia Rae Zalldrister, a powerful Enchantress also nicknamed a "Prophecy Princess" and possessing the powers of Telekinesis, Umbrakinesis, and the rare yet scary power of Gladikinesis, may be forced into the ball gowns and etiquette classes, but when the tables are turned and the deadly Enchantress comes out, no one will think for a moment she's your average flighty Princess. She has courage, tenacity, intense loyalty, a strong disapproval for having feelings for boys, and a ruthless determination to eradicate her greatest enemy--Lord Moranzo. Not Joel. Though she'd like to think he's her enemy.  Between her astounding intelligence, practical thinking, and incredibly sassy confidence, this is one teenage girl you don't want to mess with.

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Princess Ayla Lily Zalldrister

“He won’t stay hidden away for long. We’re going to finish this. Together.”

100% following her sister in beauty, Princess Ayla Lily Zalldrister is also nicknamed a "Prophecy Princess", though she is exactly the opposite in her powers, being a TetraPower Enchantress wielding Telekinesis, Dynamokinesis, Atmokinesis, and Photokinesis. She is also definitely the saner of the pair, and both of them will admit that. She's the quieter, gentler, diplomatic one. Where Mia would throw a punch, Ayla inserts words. Sometimes, she will let Mia throw her punches, and she might even join in, but that's not her forte for sure. Charming, smart, sweet, and having an incredibly Princess-like fashion sense, its easy to see why Ayla's a head turner and makes friends easily. Don't let her patient sweetness fool you though--cross her too many times and you might leave with your pride wounded beyond repair, maybe even a few knife wounds, depending on who you are. When it comes to a hard task, Ayla's all in to do what must be done, especially when it comes to the prophecy and Lord Moranzo. Whatever study or travels or heartache must be endured to take him down, Ayla is willing to take it, faithfully staying by her sisters side.

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Joel Michael Van Doen

"I didn’t want to admit it, in my pride and all, but I can’t deny it. I love you.”

Ruthless Agent, Most Handsome of his class, Ryder's best friend, Mia's mortal enemy and secret love, the guy every girl wants to date...there are countless ways to describe Joel. He appears in Illusion when Mia first arrives at Talissinus, but he plays a huge role in Rising Blood as Mia is torn between him and the man she is supposed to marry but doesn't love (no more spoilers; go read Rising Blood for more!) Joel can most greatly be recognized for his incredible skill as an Agent, his ruthless fighting abilities, his sharp mind, and his powers--Atmokinesis, the ability to control all six elements. Obviously though, since he is very handsome and knows it, he has a slight problem with being girl crazy, but who knows? Maybe its all just a cover for his secret attraction to the one girl who has sworn to hate him--Princess Mia. Scandalous? Maybe, who can tell? Beneath all that rough and toughness lie feelings, true feelings, feelings that may be validated mentally, but can they ever been spoken aloud?

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Ryder Evan Connor Hendrix

“We’ve met,” Ryder cut in with a little knowing wink. “Princess, it’s a pleasure once more.”

Pretty boy is how most people would describe Ryder, and he knows it too. He's best friends with Joel, (no surprise there), a cunning and sharp Agent, incredible in his Polymorphkinetic and Telekinetic abilities, and talk about girl crazy! But, that's beside the point. The youngest of five brothers with one little sister, Ryder has always known what it means to be loyal, courageous, determined, protective and more. Perhaps thats why Joel finally agreed to let him date Arusha Van Doen, Joel's younger sister. A fierce lover, Ryder will go to the ends of the earth for those who he loves at whatever cost to himself. Beneath his flirtatious handsomeness lies the heart of a fun, loving, strong, proud young man who will give anyone who challenges him a run for their money, yet he can also turn around and be the best listener and best friend anyone, girl or guy, could ask for. Some people hate him, some people love him, it really all depends on who you are.

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