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Updated: May 14, 2022

A great prophecy which foretold it, and it was that prophecy that forced them into hiding for their lives.

Fifteen-year-old twin sisters Mia and Ayla have always thought that they have always had a normal life with a normal family where nothing extraordinary or strange ever happened.

They do not realize that there are memories and powers locked away in their minds, memories that will change everything they know and think is true, memories about their past that will shatter the faux normalcy of their lives. The powers they hold they know nothing about, too strong and too incredible to even be dreamt of. They are powers that would make them the greatest in the land...and also in the most danger.

Thus, the beginning of the story of these two seemingly ordinary teenage girls begins in an epic, thrilling series, Royal Dyad, a four book series packed with adventure, magic, love, betrayal, quests, comedy, and so much more! The first book, Illusion, has been recently submitted for publication, and soon, very soon, the start of the adventure will be live! Stay tuned for the big announcement that will come soon!

A book that transports one to another world far beyond this is a book worth treasuring forever.

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