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Updated: May 2, 2022

Out now, Illusion, Book One of the Royal Dyad Series!!!!! Order now to read the beginnings of a thrilling and fascinating story of two fifteen-year-old twin girls, Mia and Ayla, who were believed to be dead for over a decade. Yet, they shall rise again, destined by a centuries-old prophecy to be the strongest Enchantresses in history and the ones to finally defeat their Empire's greatest and most powerful enemy, Lord Moranzo. He wants them dead and is willing to do anything to stop the prophecy and kill them before they reach him. He failed once. He is determined not to fail again. But the twins are equally determined to stop him before he can wreak havoc on their world. Will they succeed? Or will Moranzo find a way to stop the prophecy and ultimately defeat them?



Barnes and Noble:

Hardcover with dust jacket:

Hardcover with printed case:

If you do so choose to read this awesome and amazing first book, please leave a review for others to see when they follow! Thanks!

Now available for purchase on Barnes and Noble in Hardcover and on Amazon in paperback! Links to purchase below!

Barnes and Noble Cover

Amazon paperback cover

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