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Chosen Ones, the First of Many

Updated: May 14, 2022

Chosen Ones. The first book I ever wrote, a work of fantasy, full of magic, heart-stopping love, gut-wrenching betrayal, breath-taking action, stunning plot twists, and more!

Chosen Ones, my debut book, is a stand-alone fiction novel that took me two years to write and over twenty drafts. It is now published on Amazon, in both e-book and paperback format, and I am also working on publishing it on Barnes & Noble, in hardcover and paperback, which is SUPER EXCITING!

So, yes, I would strongly encourage you to go buy it; it has taken me quite some time to write it and a lot of hard work BUT seeing where it is now has made all the hard work very fulfilling.

I am posting down below the description of Chosen Ones, as found on Amazon, with the hopes that it will inspire you all to go buy it, love it, and share it with others!

Chosen Ones Description:

Four were chosen to be the future saviors of the world from the evil that threatened it. But the road to Destiny never comes without hardship. Or sacrifice. Full of danger, adventure, magic, betrayal, romance, and so much more, Chosen Ones tells the captivating, fantastical story of the four who were, and the one who was not, chosen to save Earth from the greatest evil ever to threaten it.

The covers are actually self-designed by me, which is super fun. Every single cover of all my books are personally designed by me! Crazy, I know, but I love computer graphics, so I am more than happy to design all my own stuff!

So yes, go read and enjoy, oh and leave a review behind for people to enjoy.

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