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Updated: May 14, 2022

WELCOME TO FANTASY CHEST, my site where fantasy comes to life! Here, I will share about my books, engage in discussions with all of you on the various subjects of writing, and ask questions to my fellow writers! This is a place where imagination becomes reality, where dreams come true, where the world of fantasy is open to all.

FANTASY FICTION. My two favorite words. All my life, I have loved fiction, specifically FANTASY fiction, because it opens a door into a whole new world of imagination and dreams. I've always known that if I ever became a writer, I would want to write fantasy.

And here I am! A published fantasy fiction author, the author of Chosen Ones and Royal Dyad: Illusion, two of the most epic, action-packed, romantic comedic, and fantasical stories you will ever read!

As a young author, I have seen so many potentials, so many ideas for stories, so many directions to go in! The author world is big, wide, and so colorful, with so much room for innovation and imagination, a place where people can think and create, and no creation is to big, wild, or crazy! And fantasy fiction is definitely a place for lots of dreaming and imagining, something I do probably far too much.

I am so excited to explore this world even further. Chosen Ones was just the tip of the iceberg, and now I've finally been able to release the first book of my series with the second one on the way! It's still hard to believe at times! I have so many more ideas that are making their way into more books which I cannot wait to release for all of you to enjoy and enter my world with me!

Be sure to check out my other blog too!

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